What's the most surprising/interesting thing you've learnt/discovered from a punter?

With the type of work you're involved in, you have the opportunity to meet people from numerous different backgrounds and meet people with different attitudes to life...what's the most valuable thing that you have learnt from them? It can be interesting, surprising, philosophical...anything at all
I can't think of anything I've learned from a particular punter, though one had a fascinating job (the closest thing to a real-life Thunderbird). But what I have discovered from them en masse is that there's no such thing as a typical punter: they can be young/old, single/attached, wealthy/poor, handsome/ugly, fit/disabled, intelligent/thick, white/blue collar, fantastic/clueless lovers, distant/clingy - you name it.
I love listening to people and finding out about their background and the fact they just come straight out and tell me their story etc etc etc, Some guys have fascinating lives so it's good to take note. This is one of my favorite parts the exchanging of interesting stuff I like a good intellectual conversation. This is a big part of my civvy job so I enjoy interacting with people through my mind.
Ok so out of 100 punters...how many do you think have bullshitted you about what they do...I have to skirt round what I do with new girls, but always stay pretty close to what i do as Im a crap liar with a shit memory
I learned how to meditate for pain from a punter and it is probably the best thing I have ever learned in my life. I now do it daily or on bad days two or three times a day as it does help. This guy took time to come round and help me learn every day for over a month. he would use his lunch breaks at work to come and help me. He had the same illness and swore by it. I was rather skeptical to be honest and thought it a waste of time as it was doing nothing for me until I finally learned how to meditate properly and now it works better than morphine and lasts longer too. I owe this one man so much and can never repay him for what he did. Its easy to say meditate but unless taught how to do it properly you never get it quite right. I have took what he taught me and teach others at the pain clinic now as the only way I can repay his kindness is to show it to others
Ive learnt who is saying what behind my back sometimes, those are always interesting conversations. The politics in MK in this industry is ridiculous sometimes. All quiet on that front for now thankfully