What Song Have You Heard Today Thant’s Put A Smile on Your Face ?

Thank you for posting that. I dont think I've seen her on film before. Fascinating.

I think the version I listened too was a studio recording but pretty much that arrangement.

Unfortunately the station's website is in the (apparently lengthy) process of being revamped so I can't retrieve the playlist.

I remember the first time I heard this few months ago on the radio I actually thought it was Dua Lipa voice :lol: either way it's a very good song, whenever this song plays on my playlist on my car I crank up the volume, it's one of those typical sort of songs I'm into.
I missed yesterday so to make up for that here's the delightfully named Krapf, featuring Gabriela Krapf, with a song that seems to be about one thing or it may be about something else. You decide.

One for you scat lovers...

Jazzmeia Horn - I Remember You

Love this woman's work.

PS Not strictly on topic as it's yesterday's pick but I fell asleep having forgotten to post last night.