What got you started as an Escort ? ....

.... In the first place ?
Did you just love sex and think "I may as well get paid for doing something I like doing anyway" ?
Or were you "on hard times", and desperate to earn some good money ?
Ooopps sorry :blush:
I must read the site more thoroughly.
It's just that UKE has "taken off like such a rocket" that a dense old man has trouble "keeping up" ( and not only with the site :lol: ) that I can hardly keep pace :(.


Know what you mean. In the search box there's the facility to search titles only which I have found useful as the site seems to be expanding so quickly.
Everyone is curious about this. And people vary hugely .

The girl I lived with when young did it because she didn't fancy a secretary's wage. She didn't like her clients though. Hated them, as far as I could see.

A girl I asked about this recently had a similar reason. I calculate she now makes slightly more in an hour than she was making in a week. She's worth it, too.UNlike the other one I get the impression she likes her clients.

This is off the topic, but I think the profession is hard work if properly managed - which it is surprisingly often in my experience. Though I wish to God some girls would read what you tell them in advance. Also off topic. Sorry.