What do friends and family think of your 'job'

I was wondering what friend's and family think about girls doing this type of work, or do you tell them something else.
Several of my friends know I pay for sex, they are all married guys, so no problems, personally I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of.
I think WGs will rightly be quite be wary about revealing whether friends and family are currently aware of what they do, as revealing this potentially increases the risk of them being a target for being 'outed' by obsessives, stalkers, blackmailers and low lives in general.

Could be wrong, but if I was in their shoes I would be fairly cautious with this information.
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personally I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of.
Me neither but I tend to keep it to myself since a lot of other people are very narrow-minded. On top of that I suspect that most peoples knowledge of escorting is based purely on what they read/hear in the media and tends to only be the bad stuff (drug addiction, trafficking, abuse etc). I'll admit that I had similar views until I educated myself on the subject.
I had already told my closest family and friends which was lucky as I was outed all over my village someone posted flyers of my AW page (I don't work anywhere near where I live). They only worry about my safety as they have got used to it now so just see it as my job. If my family and friends didn't know I wouldn't post on this thread as it gives ammo to the less than nice people who lurk on forums
The sooner escorting / sex work is accepted like any other job and given full recognition under the law with benefits etc it will continue to be a clandestine business. I spoke to a well known liberated wg who said she had little immediate family and most of her friends are in the trade also. As a result she is open and liberal with who she is. But I think she is the exception.