What are you drinking ?

Potentially very unpleasant side effects where the only thing you'll be drinking id Dioralyte. :scare:
I know!!! :(

I’ve been suffering from a poorly tummy anyway and it’s already been a week since I touched any alcohol.

Both the dentist and pharmacist seemed to take great delight in letting me know about the side effects. I guess I will be doing the driving after the family party at the Weekend.

Saving it for the weekend, but had a visit to my favourite wine shop on the way back from work and got a 2001 bottle of Rioja Gran Reserva. Quality!
What wouldn’t I give to be able to have a glass of that right now :cry:
Oh I like this, I like most of the Coke flavours. Tesco have some gorgeous speciality colas a Honey, a Coffee and a Botanical all sugar free I love them but you may not - they seem a little like Marmite. At 45p per litre..........even more attractive.
Interesting,i don't mind trying,only way to find if i do like them or not:)

My favourite sugar free pop is Tesco cloudy lemon,lovely:)
Diet coke,exotic mango.First try,i didn't like it,i couldn't taste the mango at all,rather the peach i drank yesterday.Rubicon sparkling mango is much better but it's not sugar free
One of those nasty but nourishing drinks with healthy stuff like kale in it, tastes bloody awful but it enhances my health, or I hope so anyway?
I was not intended to drink tonight as I have a champagne feast tomorrow . Got temped now as not much to read in UKE and going for few glasses of red wine. :lol: