Translate arabic text

Can anyone on here translate a image file which I think is in arbic. But want to keep the original image private. This is a letter that was sent to an escort. I scanned it in for her (I'll not post to front of the letter with her real name & address on it) & got £20 off hour booking for helping her. But just after this translating, then I'll post on here what it says but with the girls real name removed if it is stated (the reason why saying to keep original image private so only 1 person who translates it to see it only). This is just to try & see if it is a blackmail letter & also to try & see if other escorts have also had the same letter in the west yorkshire area.

This is not a scam or fake post.


The Google app on my phone claims to be capable of translation handwritten Arabic, certainly works for printed European languages, if you've not got it happy to give it a go if you PM me a portion of the text