To provide a consistant service

I can kinky do three hours a day now before my body tells me enough is enough but before I got to this I could happily see 8 people and not be tired as I am a night person so had more energy the later the day got
For me it is one and not even daily a couple a week for me, I prefer Dom/sub meets so that means they are well planned out and after an hour of humiliation and torture ( bliss for me ) then my body's had enough ha it's a great feeling but there is know way I could get through a couple a day I'd be a wreck :)
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I do 2-3 hours top with the odd 2-3 days per month when I do 4 hours. I like to rest, go out between bookings, cook, etc. I insert bookings into my schedule and it suits me well, I'm still enjoying my choice job after 6 years :)
I have done more...but prefer I give everything I have dom sub play...can leave marks etc and face fucking a sore throat lol so a few a week I prefer...

Like to prepare for a meet as I do out calls so nice long bath etc to turn up dressed to impress lol not half shagged. ..

I like CIM overme and to swallow so once a day is good enough is best ...of course unless it's a overnight then asvmsny times and ways as we like lol
I only work a few days every few weeks. So that causes an increase frequency as if i were to work every day then you would spread the clients out more.
I work around my day job so am unable to see numerous gents a day. Some days I'm unavailable altogether. In an average - 2 would be my maximum X
Same as you I work full time .
I work around my day job so am unable to see numerous gents a day. Some days I'm unavailable altogether. In an average - 2 would be my maximum X
Like you I work full time in education my career .this is my erotic hobby for a better word ..which I adore...x
It would depend on the actual day,timings, booking lengths, individual client and the remainder of the week. On average 3 x 90 minutes of fairly heavy sex per day for 5 days would be far too much. Much less if the guys were hangers on, I find that behaviour tiring in itself.

My current numbers are no more than 1 client per day 3-4 days a week, and have some weeks when I don't see anyone, or only 1-2 bookings in 7 days.
I'm now outcall only with a lifestyle of voluntary work, two courses to study for plus heavy sports training and usual family, friends, some social life stuff.
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Just the one. I actually prefer maybe one or two a week at the mo as my real life (job, grandchildren, family) can get in the way, so I like being able to snatch an hour or two for myself rather than trying to fit everything in around multiple bookings per day/week.
I am only working two days a week at present. I can see upto ten guys in a day, if i am honest i try not to count :D
If i have a day booked up with regulars i tend to feel mentally drained more than physically not too sure why but hey ho.