The Little Things In Life That Make You Happy

Playing 2 hours of badminton each Saturday and pushing myself to get better and better. Long way for me to go to beat some of the Chinese I play against every weekend. They have it in their genes
Wincing as the 18 year old, baseball capped, Lewis Hamilton wannabe cut me up on a blind bend on the A692. But smirking as he shot straight through the speed camera positioned for just such cretins. 60 mph ish in a 30 zone should bring some grief into his life.
Indeed :hi:

I love it when people sit on my tail, in a 30mph zone, flashing their lights, faces full of rage and fury at having to go so slow.

I love it when they overtake me and get caught be the mobile speed camera that I knew was there :D:lol:
Lilian Bellamy & Lynda Snell being at peace :)
Although they have realised they are sisters under the skin, hopefully they will have some entertaining & none too serous arguments once Lynda is back in business.
And on the bath front, a bath with a whole bottle of Badedas chucked in. Smells wonderful (that piney, medicinal smell) but is pricey so an occasional treat.
The start of spring; sunsets; the smell of a pine forest.

Reading all the papers, for free, in the local library.

The first sip of a pint of beer, particularly after working a shift. (Not done either for 3 weeks).
I've posted a few in the other thread about little things that piss me off, so I thought maybe a bit of redress was in order:

Who else loves a clean tea towel? It's that little bit of everyday pleasure.