The insomniac thread

Until we have a chatroom (please, Admin!) this may be a nice place to chew the fat for those of us who aren't asleep for whatever reason during the night... Thoughts?
I had a whole hour sleep as aching from swinging a sledge hammer most of the day. Have to do it again today if I can move my arms. As I know it needs doing my brain won't shut down long enough for me to sleep
Just seen this, good idea, will be back when it's dark.

Main problem is the lack of an auto refresh unless anyone knows anything different from the settings?
The bit where Ted taps out the dent, is one of the funniest things ever.

And I couldn't decide, genuinely, it was gone 3am before I got to sleep!
I feel for you folks who cannot sleep. It is so frustrating especially when you have shit to do tomorrow. I find Fennigan helps (antihistamine). I had a bit of trouble for a time - used to smoke a lot of weed which guarantees a good night's sleep. Stopped and couldn't sleep for about a month.
I woke up so many times last night, I should have logged on to see who was about!

Good idea for a thread, next time I'm struggling to sleep I'll pop by.