Have their ever been any occasions when in the course of a punt you've looked at the guy and said to yourself "there's something not quite right about him" and that's made you scared?

I suppose that a physically fit WG would be more than able to handle herself against an overweight, out of form punter.
Yes and I was correct as he attacked me around ten minutes after I thought it. Thankfully I had just had panic buttons installed all over my workplace and had moved myself across the bed to be close to one
Now if something doesn't feel right I will say I suddenly feel unwell and give a refund so they leave
Hopefully i would realize before i got my kit off? But no i'm sure there was a few characters but you know i never have to see them again.
Yes Ive looked at a guy once and thought there was something very odd about his manner, several times I thought perhaps I should just bin this booking, give him half his cash back and say goodbye, I was right, he did me a really shite review on ukp ;) so I should have listened to my gut and binned him when I had the chance

The one time I actually felt nervous with a guy was becaue he was a silent plank, twitchy with it though, not making eye contact, jsut strange all around to the point where I was wondering if there was a possibly mental health issue. Im not small and Im pretty strong but this guy was a big lad. At the end he said a whole entire sentance to me to indicate that he had a great time and thankyou then left, so in that instance my gut was wrong