Raquel Welch

I watched her interview with Piers Morgan ( not usual for me as I think the man is a "see you next Tuesday" and remembered how she was my best ever 'pin-up' and - yes to be honest - wank fodder, in my youth :wacko:.
She is still an amazingly attractive woman at the age of 75 and is a testament to what good, healthy living ( and maybe a bit of cosmetic surgery ? ) can do :D.
She obviously made a lot of money throughout her career, but can anyone imagine how much she would have made had she become an escort ?
I, for one, would give a month's pension to have a "no holds barred" hour with her :dance:
Fortunately for me, my reg has a body not dis-similar to Raquel's, so I'm able to fulfill my teenage fantasies with her, despite enjoying her for her own, unique personality and sexiness.
We have even discussed my previous "crushes" with each other and she seemed rather pleased when I likened her to Raquel ;).
Yes, I saw her on that too. For 75 she looks stunning, could easily pass for mid 40s, though I realise plastic surgery and professional makeup might have a lot to do with it.
Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour does it for me. Excuse me the cliché of posting about a film where she works in a brothel.