punting in the bedroom

must admit i dont really like it if theres just a bed and a crappy wardrobe with spunk stained duvet covers.

i love shagging on chairs, the couch, the floor, in the kitchen etc.

i know wg's will not want you wandering around their premises but it makes it much more fun.

i remember punting in an agency flat in newcastle, i suggested the lounge which had windows in full view over the city centre, even the train line passed the window and could see right in, what a buzz being ridden off an 19yr lass in full view of it all .

does anyone else like sex everywhere bar the bed??
I do but I keep my bedroom at my work place for sex as the lounge/kitchen is an area I like to relax in and where I keep my laptop and phones etc so I don't want anyone else in there
I do but nearly all I have seen lead me to the bedroom for the action. I think of all these scenarios I could have tried as I shut the door and leave. When in the room, Mr Plod takes over and shags anywhere he is told.
My last spell of calls I had this amazing apartment were we used the spacious living room and it's different pieces of furniture with a very nice soft rug where we retired onto the floor it was great, in other cases i've had apartments with balconies that's fun too. I like it when you switch it up with clients because we've all done the bed.
Just inside the door, the lounge floor, settee, stairs etc all great fun and a must do. Your bringing back some great memories and reminding me to change what I had planned for my next meet. Hope a certain young lady is paying attention :D:lol::D
As the Wg hides behind the door, your greeted with a kiss after she closes the door....well I like to start their and then with her back to the door, arms up & legs open...... Round one :D
I think the bedroom is the norm but I have some really fun times on couches. Her bent over the arm or straddling me sat down. In front of windows is a big turn on. It probably all depends on what the girl is happy with. At the end of the day I respect their boundaries.
Prefer a bed to fuck on. Tables, sofa's, worktops and the like sound great but I can never get comfy trying to fuck a girl like this. The exception is doggy which is easier stood up and the girl bent over as I get cramp in my calves when I do it on a bed 'scuse me love, I just need to move my feet' has been said once or twice.

In a long session, I like to mix it up. Including a few out of the apartment public places as well.

Dungeon sometimes as well. :D
I remember sitting in a chair being sucked off for the full 30mins.heaven.

Always been a bug bearer of mine how if she loves sex that much how shite just fucking on a bed can be and very few girls have even a chair in their rooms.make it fun ffs
When you get to my age copulation anywhere but on a decent bed is purgatory, although I have been known to manage it in front of a log fir provided the rug is thick enough
Bear in mind that for those of us who work from home, we don't necessarily want to have to clean and tidy every room to the same level as the bedroom and bathroom, plus our more personal stuff is there etc. I'm happy to occasionally have a post-booking cuppa and natter on my sofa but wouldn't want to shag on it.
My bedroom and bathroom are always available for use, sometimes the living room and hallway too. It depends.
must admit that I have always enjoyed sex 'around the house' with civvie gfs so the idea of doing this in a booking is appealing. Even if we were doing the same things as usual the change of location/position would add a bit of extra interest for me :thumbsup:
Kitchen, shower, over a table, desk, up against a wall.
Indoors and outdoors. All great....
Dungeons are fantastic.... Blue Door in Islington I recommend.
Sofa every time for me or one of those nice upholstered barrel chairs.
Over the bath is fun, against the wall, over a bedside table, anywhere that adds a bit of sparkle, holding the lady and walking around the room is good if she's a size 6.

Balcony - still waiting for the better weather to arrive.