Punt Anonymously Or Not?

Following on from Jonboys thread but expanding it to punting with any WG, will you or do you punt as anonymously as possible or aren't you bothered? Sadly there have been recent instances of both WGs and punters being outed by low lifes as reported and verified on UKP.

For myself nowadays I do punt as anonymously as I can BUT still be able to post on here and UKP. So all a WG would know about me is my punting number and my description. If I then at some stage decide to do a review on the WG she might be able to work out who I was but I don't give date and time of the punt apart from the fact it would of been quite recent and I try not to post very obvious things that the WG may recall. IMO this is an excellent option UKP gives punters.

I also think its madness for a punter to post on a forum giving specifics like date and time on a forthcoming punt. Also if you use social media I strongly advise you ensure there is no link between your punting and your non punting life if you care. As has been reported some of the features and apps on Smartphones can catch punters out. I only use a 10 year old non Smartphone for punting which is fine for me. Use a punting phone, sim and/or punting email address, some WGs over the years have said how many punters use their work email address, no problem if they really don't care but if you do its something to be avoided doing obviously.

If you do care keep your UKP/AW nicks separate and crucially don't tell a WG your real details or enough for anyone to be able to find out who you are.
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I started off totally anonymous, then eased off, far too much in one case. I've started being more careful again now after reading one or two threads.

Not that I think for a minute the person who knows things about me would do anything silly but I agree being as anonymous as possible is the most sensible option.
I started off totally anonymous, then eased off, far too much in one case. I've started being more careful again now after reading one or two threads.

Not that I think for a minute the person who knows things about me would do anything silly but I agree being as anonymous as possible is the most sensible option.
Indeed, one thing to consider is when you first punt with a WG and you get on so she becomes a regular some might give her too much personal info, and then there is a falling out for whatever reason, the WG still has that info of course. Now I hope its rare that there is a problem but why risk giving WGs to much info. A punter on UKP had to leave because a WG he gave a POSITIVE review to objected to it and despite him saying to her he would ask for it to be deleted she still threatened to out him, he had trusted her and given her too much real personal info.
Its paramount for me.

I stopped using the AW booking system some time ago & would prefer not to discuss personal stuff or anything about other punters during a punt.

It does astonish me the bravado some members have when posting stuff on a forum.

However I'm a little bit that way in civvie street & have little or no time for people who spill their life stories within the first minute of meeting.
If that gets me labelled a miserable old git then so be it.

You only have to have a glance at UKP or Saafe to realise that there are some real nut jobs out there.
Luckily they seem to be outweighed by good one's on both sides

Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.


Good points well made, in my original post i only considered the revelation of my punting persona.
As to personal details when punting I stick close to the real me without being specific as to where I live and what I do for a living (I'm not a good enough actor to pretend to be a pilot - and nobody would believe I'm really an underwear model)
I think both sides of this hobby understand the need for discretion, but we are all so used to trying to find out about people when we first meet them that it can be difficult not to open up to someone who, in all honesty, is a stranger (even one you've just had sex with)
The criticality of have a separate punting phone was brought home to me when a WG I visited said that a few days before she'd had her phone stolen by a punter who ran off with it, so anyone who's number was stored in or had called the phone was now at risk of exposure.
On the whole though I hope this site grows the way it has started with plenty of banter and flirting, while allowing honest discussion of this great hobby.
Be safe out there girls and boys!
I like to stay anonymous as I possible can . I don't like catching a Taxi because the same Taxi driver could very well of dropped off a punter at the same location and he could then think he must be seen an escort. I much prefer to be able to walk from the train station to the escorts location or if possible catch the bus.
I will tell an escort my real Christian name but never ever my surname or what I do for a living
I have to admit that I ought to show my discretion. I may have to revisit a few things I do, but with modern technology I fear its getting more difficult. Sat Nav being an obvious one.
My name is not Marcus, I use a punting phone, I lie to my local GUM clinic, etc.

That's how it stays and I strongly recommend everyone else does the same.
I've over time become a tad more cautious due to advice from UKP and one bad experience. But no doubt I am way less cautious than most of you guys on here.

I mainly book outcalls to my place so the majority of the escorts I see know where I live - for me the benefits of punting from the comfort of my own home still outweigh any potential risks.

I still don't have a punting phone - just can't be arsed with two phones. I use WhatsApp on my phone to talk to most of my regulars but don't link it to other social media e.g. Facebook, and anyway my Facebook is completely locked down and only has about 20 very close family and friends. I keep completely separate punting e-mail addresses / twitter accounts etc although don't use the latter very much.

I am quite happy to talk about myself and my personal life but I don't go into all the critical details obviously - full name, current employer etc - even with long standing regulars.

That said as a single punter I have little to lose by being outed - my close family / friends all know what I do for a hobby, anyone who doesn't know isn't close enough that I'd care one way or another. I'm also a consultant and mostly work freelance - worst case I might lose a contract but it seems unlikely - the usual reason you might find that punting causes a problem at work is the clause in the contract about bringing the company into disrepute, which as a contractor - ie I don't represent the company directly - does not really apply. Anyway they are all temporary contracts so I can easily enough move on. So other than that not really sure who I'd be outed to?

I'm sure as Yorkshire and Smiths and others would say - still probably better to be safe than sorry - I'm sure there are still risks that I haven't anticipated but I'm not going to change from my outcall preference and probably having my address is a bigger deal than phone number so can't see much point in trying to be more discreet.
Only just come across the site so first post...hi all

Almost got burned once using my real name.
I was living abroad and came back here on business regularly. Living 3000 miles away I thought I was risk free but then when we moved back to UK I was totally exposed and one slightly unhinged individual started contacting me in every which way they could - that took some explaining to the other half at the time.
Since then I'm waaaay more carful with names, job, employer etc. Some of the girls I know I can trust I do let my guard down a little but will never go back to being as open as I once was.
No couldn't give a monkey's

Don't hand out business cards but don't them my name is Gerardo and I live in Japan either

I'm indifferent on the matter