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No. I just get told that I received credits with a date and time next to it, no names attached.


I'm 90% sure you can see this as well? I could just be making this up, I thought it was near where you can see hotlist, there's a bit to see all the people that have ever purchased a PG subscription? I think I know this because this one guy was talking shit about buying my PG for ten days straight therefore I owe him a discount (don't even ask) and I had checked for his username and it wasn't even there, but maybe I'm making this up in my head. Can't be bothered looking for it. :P
We can see who has but not when. Closest is in past week but it doesn't give date. I think only fully verified members can see it
But combined with the hotlist stuff, it seems like a verified girl, if she spends the time, can figure out who is paing her some attention.

Question is to what benefit. Not like you can really use the information except maybe to use the 'flirt' feature.
Given the recent revelation on the hotlist thread that the girls can see which punters have added them to their list.

Does this also mean that you can see who purchases your PGs too?

Just curious :)
on the page one side is 'potential' clients, sections for that are online now, camming now, phonechat now, new members

other side is 'existing/previous' clients, sections are hotlist, subscribers, bookings