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Got a new daydream which is to visit Curacao ( in fact I've never been to north or south america).
Climb up Christoffelberg in the morning, walk the Dutch colonial streets imbibing the history, swim in that blue ocean, drink cocktails (all involving blue curacao obvs) and spend the night with my celebrity crush.
When reality pisses me off I look at this picture and imagine it.
It looks like a honey agaric to me, growing in the "Fairy Circle". Love it! I would have swept a lot away if I was there. :-)
There were quite a few different types there, but I was in a bit of a hurry or I would have gathered a few up :)

Be careful, a circle of mushrooms is a fairy ring. ;)
It was quite a big ring, about 2m diameter. I decided against standing in the middle as knowing my luck I'd be transported back to 'a shire' in 14th Century England, and as my middle-english is definitely on the rusty side, I'd end up in a right pickle! :D