Last album you listened to

Born to sing: No planB is the first of my albums for tonight, some fantastic musicianship on this as Van always gets the best out of his team. The Sax break in this song is sublime. Might go back in time to Poetic Champions Compose for the next one or Moondance.
Beggars Banquet - Stones. After so many years listening to this album I still discover new things on each listen. SO much talent went into their albums during that period.
Ash Ra: Blackouts

quite remarkable considering allegedly all the tracks were done as one take with one guitar laying down the sequencer background then soloing over the top, with drum sequencer keeping time

You lucky git! Fair play tho :thumbsup:Cozy and Bonham... I can't name anyone better
Are you a drummer?
I like to fiddle the guitar myself
Not necessarily better but, in my view equal: Aynsley Dunbar, Terry Bozzio, Vinny Calaiuta and Bill Bruford. I've seen both Terry and Vinny on many occasions playing with Jeff Beck.

I drum occasionally, although am chiefly a Saxophonist/Clarinettist and dabble with a number of other instruments.
Fleetwood Mac Rumours........on channel gazillion +1 last week.........forgotten how good it was an hoe Foxy Stevie Nicks was.......?
Frank Turner, Tales from No Mans Land
Brilliant album, tells the stories of 13 largely unknown women from history. Including " The Graveyard of the Outcast Dead". About the so-called "Winchester Geese" who were a group of sex workers who in medieval times worked in the brothels on the bank of the River Thames, which were owned by the Bishops of Winchester!. Many were buried in a mass grave for the “outcast dead”, which was closed in 1853. More recently their bones were rediscovered and the site was turned into a memorial garden, now known as Cross Bones. Of course the Bishops buried them in unconsecrated ground as they were 'unclean ..... nothing changes :hi:Hats off to the Winchester Geese.

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Slightly off the beaten track but I'm listening to "alive" by Crystal Bowersox. I think she has a stunning voice that really carries emotion. Not always a fan of live albums but loving this. Kind of bluesy tone and mostly quite sad but kinda suiting my mood.

One of the greatest albums ever recorded. So great I was tempted to get the spectacular 2019 50th Anniversary Vinyl set and buy a turntable system just for it. Then I found the album costs £135.00 ! Fuck off Mick :)

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"After a drink he likes to listen to the Stones. Women, relationships and colleagues had come and gone but the Stones had always been there. He put the album on and poured himself a final drink. The guitar riff, one of easily half a dozen in Keith's tireless repertoire kicked the album off. 'I don't have much,' Rebus thought, 'but I have this'."