Kama Sutra

I have had a look but I'm not built for some of it. I'm more of a lets see what I can manage on that day type of person. Although my favourite position right now is face down with my hips rolled onto their side with one leg in the air. No idea if this is in there or if it has a name but it's jolly good fun
I looked at it years ago. A lot of multibody positions that probably take longer to get into than is worth it.I remember an Indian lady signed up to pnet, I looked at her new website and she was advertising all sorts of positions with unusual names so I googled. Basically mostly the basic positions we all know and their variations just with different names which she then confirmed during a late night natter in the chat room. There were a couple of more advanced ones though, upside down stuff. Id give a hearty cheer to anyone who could hold me upside down without their knees giving way or my boobs suffocating me so I think Ill be leaving those ones alone
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I like variation but the Karma Sutra doesn't really interest me - too many positions that I see makes me think - "ok - now you've achieved the position, what you going to do now!!!"
Or "fuck me!! - that's one unsteady movement away from a snapped cock!!!"
In our younger days my wife and I read the Kama Sutra together, and tried out several of the more advanced positions. We both need Chiropractic treatment afterwards.