How's the weather where you are?

In the last hour I've seen blue skies, black skies, hail, horizontal rain, gale force wind
Ditto, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
I lived overseas for quite a long time, and it was always something of a relief to get home to "British weather", when on leave, and get away from the constant blue skies, sunshine and heat of being in the Middle East.
28 degrees, blue sky, warm souwesterly. Well I'm not sure what direction the wind us but it's warm and makes sitting in the sun very pleasant.
Left Wales this morning in beautiful sunshine. As driving up the head of the valleys onto M5 it got Darker, Wetter & That Wind just howled back in bloody cold Nottingham brrrrrrrrr,
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Dark an chilly and a bit wet, I love autumn and winter though, really not that keen on british summers, they get to humid nowadays, give me a lovely warm spring day with a mild breeze and Ill be happy to call that summer instead