Favourite AW Feedback/Profile Comments

After reading all the flirting and filth on here last night I was in the mood for a spur of the moment 30 minute booking so I had a quick look on AW to see who was available. Sadly my very local area is a real desert at the best of times apart from the usual Romanian lottery. Last night was the worst I have seen with only 2 girls available. Both were Romanian and the first was a barebacker with zero feedback (:scare:) and the other had 1 positive and 8 neutral feedback - mostly to say 'not the girl in the pictures - so I decided to save my money for another day. Whilst reading the feedback though I did spot a comment that made me laugh:

"gave her arse a good seeing to.sexy girl.downside was her pimp was hidin in wardrobe" :lol:

If anyone spots any other gems post them up here! No need to link to profiles or name and shame clients or escorts - especially if it's just to take the piss out of them. This is intended to be a light-hearted thread :thumbsup:
I think this question should be somehow pinned to the top of the threads like they do on twitter. Cos I have howled at some things I have read but could not find them now for the life of me. Future occurrences I will definitely share. :hi:

The only recent one I can remember and you will have to take my word for it was the guy who requested an outcall to his home. Apparently the OH came home early and the wg spent a couple of hours under his bed until he figured out an excuse to get the OH out of the way.

Must have been tense :scare: