Face Pics

No, but I will rarely book a girl with no face pic unless she has a good review with a positive physical description
Yes, I only go for girls that show a face pic... unless she has been well reviewed on UKP. I'll also pay for a reasonably price PG if there is one in there.
Whether on Adultwork or on an agency site, do you only go for girls who have clear face pics?
No a face pic is of course preferable but not essential, and if I had excluded all WGs without them I would of missed out on punting with many good WGs over the years.
Not essential, the overall profile is the best judge. Is it well written, plenty of FAQ, Interview completed, some nice body photos, ideas of what she likes beyond just the likes list. Above all attitude, as soon as I sense she feels she is doing ME a favour by allowing me in her presence then I exit stage door left. If I am paying then a good attitude is the most important. IMHO :D
Profile does not have to have a clear face pic provided either -

- the blur is subtle enough to give some indication of features
- lots of feedback refer to good looks/pretty
- reliable reviews on UKP giving reference to favourable appearance

I frequently make booking without a clear face pic.
Face pic definitely preferred, but I can of course understand the reasons for not posting one. For me I am more concerned that the girl is genuine, clean, doesn't do bareback and provides good service. Looks aren't the most important factor for me to be honest.
Looks aren't necessarily the most important thing for me either - we all have our own tastes and a good bod and especially an extensive likes list with services delivered enthusiastically counts for an awful lot.

I have met a number of girls without any face pics like MissKDD, Elle etc etc - purely based on reviews / recommendations from trusted punters and not been at all disappointed.
A face pic is always a bonus but not essential. Sometimes I quite like the unknown, the mystery. Also I agree with Smiths, had I ignored all profiles without a face pic I would have missed some great punts.
Whether on Adultwork or on an agency site, do you only go for girls who have clear face pics?
No face pic, no booking. I explain this and usually get a pic by email from all AW women. Agencies are different. I use two and I trust the staff to tell me about the services and the looks. If they let me down they "look after" me the next time I book. Or if the service wasn't up to scratch the same. They understand the value of a customer beyond one punt.
Some if my best experiences have been with girls without face pics, but I do rely on feedback from those reviewers I trust. Examples are KDD, Koa32, Sophiarose. I have had B&S once but luckily the girl was attractive and gave a good service, so why she felt the need to use fake pics I will never know. I've also had two of three 'meh' experiences even with good feedback but it's horses for courses - what I find attractive someone else may not.
It's preferable to see a face pic of course but in 3 years I've only seen one WG who displayed face pics and I've yet to be disappointed. No doubt I'll come unstuck one day!

The one I did book with face pics I was a bit dubious about as some of her pics weren't the best. She was far more attractive in the flesh however, in fact her pictures do her no justice at all. Better that way round than being disappointed after viewing a profile I suppose.
I never book without seeing a face pic be that on their profile or sent by email. Neither am I prepared to pay to see one in a PG :hi: