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Hi all..
entertaining messages thread!
But keep it clean! And don’t leave any identifying info in it such as persons name xx
Those examples really are par for the course and I kept every single request if sent via AW email. Some obviously fake but others possibly genuine but very amusing. Taking a man out and shopping while he wears a collar and lead was never going to happen, same for the vomitty ones who wanted to watch me be sick after feeding me a whole box of chocolates while they had a nice time minus their trousers. o_O (give me the chocs and I shall be sick in my own time thanks very much (y))
Being ignored by me usually got rid of them but interesting to see 6 months or a year later receiving exactly the same request by the same sender just confirmed these men? were continuing their quest.

Good times :sick:


Do like it when I get a msg asking for a booking and also if I have any pictures when I politely tell them they are in my private gallery to be them asked if I can send them by kik or email :rolleyes: erm yeah sure
It an idea me most of the time, when it clear shows that they haven't read my profile correctly. I don't see the point of getting annoyed by them anymore, doesn't do me any good.
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It's a fitting tribute to my spectacular dullness that the ony '??? Strange question' response I've had in over forty years is when I asked what temperature she'd like the room temperature to be set at.

Anyway, more of this kind of thing please.
I get so many funny or strange ones.
Some of them it isn't even weird fetishes it's just crazy writing styles that crack me up. Like this one :ROFLMAO:

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I love those types of message. Makes me think they have a sense of humour.
Are you ever tempted to meet them to try to see what they are actually like?
I am. I think they have thought to be a bit different and stand out. I like that.
I love those types of message. Makes me think they have a sense of humour.

I am. I think they have thought to be a bit different and stand out. I like that.
I went for different once when i got a flirt on AW in the early hours one morning and after a few funny/quirky messages made a booking for the next night.

As it turned out, she was high as a kite that night too :rolleyes:. In person, that quite soon became much more irritating than quirky (n)
Yep due to certain members not being able to stop whinging.
You also had escorts sending punters to wrong postcodes, because of something he did in comms.
Now I'm sure those escorts would be saying well done mate if a punter did the same.
It was useful though for my never ever see list
Seen that a lot on SAAFE, sending punters to the postcode of local police station etc. I’ve never understood it, I’d rather just decline

Amelia Andrews

I brought this back because I was hoping we can actually see the other side and light hearted- without it turning into a car crash like last time
i am not sure an attempt to bring it back was even made to reopen it while PG was admin
Cant remember either. But there are plenty of sex pest wannabes out there judging from various ukp threads about pretending to be a photographer or renting out a flat or strippers offering extras. I’m sure I’ve even seen one about offering your cleaner money to fuck! Wtf???