Early Morning Meets

Hey All!

How early is it acceptable to try and book a meet for?

I am heading into London next week, but can't stay after my meeting has finished. Fancied getting there early and taking advantage of a new area. But no luck so far, no one takes bookings until 10am!
If it's booked in advance I should imagine around 6-7 to be the earliest most would work as it takes a good hour to get ready first thing as hair has to be styled daily. Plus time getting to either you or her workplace and for a 6am start she would have to be up by 4.30. Unfortunately unlike men we can't get up have a quick shower do our teeth and be ready. We have to either straighten or curl our hair and put on a full face as well as that
You are probably generally correct Dani, but I just have a bath the night before, brush my hair in the morning, and tell this one client I'll be going au naturel (i.e. no make-up), which he's fine with - so get up, brush my teeth, put something on to answer the door and I'm done!
I'm asking for a 7:30am, which I'm hoping won't be too bad.

Got a couple of responses now, but let me ask you a question - why do people bid on a RB without looking at the details?

They seem to be ignoring the time, location and price!
Ive been advertising early morning weekend bookings for a while now but advance booked only, not really taking off if im honest
Normally I wouldn't be so keen, but as I need to be in London anyway, but cannot stay after I thought it would be a cracking idea!
Ladies, shame either of you are not in London!