Does having regular sex, make you work out and keep in shape?

Well I am hoping it will because after my first couple of bookings I realised just how unfit I was but I had already started going my swimming and doing weights a bit and can already see/feel the difference. I think going forward I'll stick to weights to tone and shagging for cardio vascular :D
Certainly has for me. I have lost weight, got toned up and gained extra muscle power.
Ummmm. No. The amount of sex I've had in my whole life SHOULD mean I have the body of Pamela Anderson. I think you'll agree that me and Pammy are polar opposites :D
Well I try, but usually fail :(.

The best exercise I get these days ( apart from walking my dog daily ) is when my regular fave comes to overnight with me here :D.
I'm usually useless for anything else for a day or two afterwards from having tried to "keep up" with her seemingly insatiable self :kissgirl::angelgirl:
I have regular sex with the OH, which keeps me in shape, particularly those muscles used for fucking, and I dont mean my cock.

No issues for me thank goodness, I walk a lot but haven't changed my routine in 40 years and my appearance has changed little in that time.

I hit 80 kilos and then immediately diet back down to 75. When I was 20 it was much the same. :thumbsup: