Background music

One thing about my worst punt to date was that the WG had Robbie Williams playing all the way through the hour from her phone. There has been local radio on in the background (actually, focussing on the travel updates isn't a bad way of trying to hold yourself back). And at other times there's been no music at all.

What's your preference for background music, if any at all?
Very quiet background music is my preferred option, don't really care what it is. Just something to create the right atmosphere. If it's too loud, it puts me off my stroke, so to speak. I'll bet one or two guys fuck to what ever the rhythm is!!

I go with a channel on youtube that has a variety of playlists i really enjoy like chilled out house not too much singing. I switch them around so i don't get sick of listening to the same songs each client.


To tell you the truth, once the action has started and I'm in the zone I don't really notice. I'm sure one WG chose her playlist according to what she thought you would be doing in the punt as I disconcertingly found myself fucking in time to the music she had on. Luckily I climaxed before we got on to Flight of the Bumblebee, otherwise never mind CIM, I think CPR would have had to be on her likes list.

The only time I remember that the music intruded on the punt was seeing one girl in a city centre flat during the summer. Her windows were open and we could hear the music coming from the pub opposite. Every few songs she stopped and asked me what the title of the song playing was and then searched for it on her phone to play in the room. Jeez!
last weeks session, the lady had a chinese bird being gangbanged on tv on silent and in the background radio Derby playing. Ignored both, got into the zone and attended to the naked lady doing nice pervy things to me;)
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as long as it literally in the background, not forcing you to talk loudly over it!

prefer a visual aid more than music though.... ;)
Background music can be dangerous
On one occasion Cherish was playing on the radio and I couldnt help swapping the word pray for pay in the line " I often pray before I lay down by your side " , safe to say the giggles kicked in and the money shot never achieved . :)
True story
For those of you who vaguely remember that Old Ballad, The Ball of Kerriemuir, let me remind you of the verse:-

"There was fucking in the haystacks
there was shagging in the ricks
and you couldn`t hear the music
for the swishing of the dicks"

For musical preferences while punting that verse says it all
Anything as long as it isn't playing too loud.

Certain songs give me flashbacks to punts, like whenever I hear Karma Police by Radiohead there's an instant memory of me looking up at a rather lovely lady who was biting her lip, eyes closed, both hands on the headboard riding me in cowgirl. Brilliant - I probably play that song once a week in the car, and love it when I hear it played elsewhere!
Music played on phones is usually extremely poor sound quality, I like to have at least an ipod with set of travel speakers.

I have several albums I'll play and I also sometimes tailor music if I know a client's tastes.

Discovered To Love recently, also played Banco De Gaia, Enigma, and a 14 year old album from a CH4 Indian Summer season. I also play heavy metal, rock, bit of Goth, Lady Gaga, Buffy Sainte Marie, Chantelle McGregor, Rachelle Van Zanten and of course Leonard Cohen.:blush:
I asked once to regular if I could bring music


I ask anything you don't like ?

All's good

Spent forty minutes choosing songs and arrive and get told not a fan of metal

The playlist that never was

Slipknot vermilion , gently and killpop

Marilyn Manson love song, dope show

Nine inch nails closer, hand that feeds and terrible lie

Queens of the stone age little sister, feel good hit of the summer

Smashing pumpkins disarm , ava adore

So ditched it and stuck on an everyman band like foo fighters, wasn't the same :cry:


One of these days a regular is going to walk in to the Outhere Brothers - Boom, Boom, Boom playing :lol:
I leave it to her.
She loves having "playlists" on her 'phone, most of which I like, when they're played softly in the background :).

She was compiling her "Christmas Playlist" last time she was here ( she loves Christmas and likes to celebrate it for as long as possible ) after we went to bed together for the night, having already had "an epic session" earlier in the evening. Rather nice to gently suck her nipples to their erect selves, even when she was concentrating on her playlist, despite lying in bed on her back, with nothing on but the tiny little panties I had given her earlier. :angelgirl:
OK, so it's true that women are better at multi-tasking than we guys are, IMO. :D:dance:


Seemed to miss this thread when 1st posted. I don't mind any particular music playing, and think it can help the atmosphere especially on first time seeing someone. Although I prefer no music or any background noise eg TV, especially if it is someone you're already comfortable with, so the only noise is what you make for yourselves. :P

One girl I saw liked heavy rock and had it banging out loudly, I didn't mind as like some of that music. What was funny, when she was on top of me, she suddenly stopped grabbed my face and said the next song is called 'Whore' and smiled. Then proceeded to ride the life out of me. Sexy and slightly terrifying at same time. :D


I play a lot of ethereal/ambient tunes and time it in time to tempo of the sex/what is usually going on at that time. I adore my playlist and think it's totally flawless, but regs are starting to get a bit overfamiliar with the songs! :P
OMG background music. I love it on low, just to set the mood but its so damned hard getting it right. I tried the ambient music and someone said it sounded like funeral music, I tried downloading some sexy stuff but its all lovey dovey stuff, I tried downloading some motown then remembered a lot of my clients are older so may have fucked their wives to those songs back in their youth or god forbid...had one of them as their wedding dance music or "their song" :thumbsdown:. I gave up and just decided to download some stuff that I like. Played the playlist back, sounded just right, a mix of old and new, nothing heavy or lovey dovey, my younger, my age and older clients would have something on there they could relate too probably. All good till I was actually in the bedroom then literally every track just sounded completely out of place other than a few classical pieces. I did used to have, of all things, one of the 50 shades classical mixes which used to go down very well, think I need to go and buy it again plus a sexy spanish guitar CD but you cant keep playing the same CDs over and over. Hummmm what to do, Im not a big CD buyer or music downloader so I cant even say "pick something".
I'm not really much of a fan of dance music but it doesn't bother me and it is better than no music although I would always prefer a bit of indie/rock type stuff. One thing I'm not too keen on though is some local/commercial radio station being played on the TV on hotels during incalls. The music is usually dreadful and half the time it's either adverts, chit chat or weather/travel updates. Hearing about 'tail-backs on the M6 due to a wide load' can be a bit off-putting.