Advert Template Request

I tried posting this as a response to the Advert topic.

I clicked reply about 10 times and all that happened was the screen flashed grey a second at the top right of my screen, but the post wouldn't be added. I refreshed it a bunch of times, and clicked more options to get the full reply option. And tried to quote. But no matter what, it just wouldn't let me reply to that topic.

So am posting this as a new topic, and really to see if I can actually post it or not.

But can I ask, is there any WG willing to be the one to do this first, to offer a possible template for other WGs to copy/follow?

I kind of want to post a suggested template in the north east section for the girls in the north east to follow if they want to, as am surprised none have done this themselves all day today. But to be honest am not sure what the adverts should consist of myself so was hoping someone would have done one for me to copy off inside a different region. but it seems the entire forum of WGs is terrified to be the first one to post up an advert for fear of doing it wrong perhaps.

So could someone possibly be the first one to put their advert up to allow others to copy/follow their lead.
Won't mine as not available but how about something like this
Contact details
Services on offer
Services at discretion (no misunderstandings then)
Specialities. Ie deep threat gagging. Anal
Extras (if have any)
Hours working that day

No need for all the babble we have on AW as we can put all that on our profile anyway and I imagine the above is all that is needed to start with
I think ideally girls could post an advert once a week to show their location, offers/discounts and availability for the next week. They can probably do this by just quoting their previous advert then copy/pasting the text into a new post with the appropriate changes.

Any girl who posted an advert every day would quickly piss me off.

A sticky post for girl on how to advertise here would be very useful IMHO.
The thread was posted in 2015, it's now 2017, it should be obvious by now that the girls are not interested in a template so why revive a 2 year old thread?
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Don't knock AnthG for this post way back from when UKE was little more than primordial soup... and even more importantly don't ever tag him!

Before I created this site I thought this was going to be mostly advertising site with just a few dozen posts per day by members like AnthG, Strawberry and others with friendly chit chat, didn't quite expect this monster the site has become today :scare:
The words of the boss himself.

The idea is still valid, and may yet develop, who knows?
We don't need a template surely, whats wrong with individuality. I think most girls are perfectly capable of typing their adverts up in the way they want it, they don't need to be told how to do it. Ant if you want to control the adverts why don't you become an escort then you can control you own. I'm sure if Admin wants every advert to look the same he will come up with a form to fill in. Personally I think the fact they are unique to the escort shows a little bit of their personality, some guys like that