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  1. xenia

    Comment by 'xenia' in media '20190723_170533.jpg'

    It's not a recent photo, but still only three months ago. :-)
  2. 20190429_183549.jpg


    One of the rare "standing up" selfie. :-)
  3. xenia

    Comment by 'xenia' in media '20190723_170533.jpg'

    Back to the Blighty now. This picture was not from my holiday though. :-)
  4. 20190723_170533.jpg


  5. gbkt84.jpg


    I might regret to post this one. ;-)
  6. xenia

    Comment by 'xenia' in media '2019-10-16 17.56.52.jpg'

    It always needs the bare tits for you to be present in the photo. ;)
  7. 2019-10-16 17.56.52.jpg

    2019-10-16 17.56.52.jpg

    From about half an hour ago. :-)
  8. 2019-10-15 00.12.01.jpg

    2019-10-15 00.12.01.jpg

    Last one...for today. :-)
  9. xenia

    Comment by 'xenia' in media '2019-07-08-13-31-54-942.jpg'

    I am usually trying to keep my promises. :-)
  10. IMG_20191015_001427.jpg


    When everybody asleep...almost. :-)
  11. IMG_20191015_001029.jpg


    From an hour ago or so. :-)
  12. 2019-10-14 14.13.50.jpg

    2019-10-14 14.13.50.jpg

  13. xenia

    Comment by 'xenia' in media '2019-07-08-13-31-54-942.jpg'

    Nope. I will try my best not to forget. ;-)
  14. xenia

    Comment by 'xenia' in media '2019-07-08-13-31-54-942.jpg'

    It was on Havelock Island in India. :-)
  15. 2019-07-08-13-31-54-942.jpg


    From the previous holiday. Hopefully will take some pictures during this one. :-)