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Site ethos
UKEscorting is a free chat and advertising platform for sex buyers and sex workers.
Attitude and respect
Discussions must be kept respectful. Disagreement must be kept civil.
Honest advertising
Using fake pictures is not permitted.
Multiple accounts
Not permitted.
Hidden or secret sections
None exist.
Reviews or warnings
Not suitable for this site.
Requests for info / recommendations (of non-members)
Not suitable for this site.
Content deletion
Discussion topics that have not had a new post for 3 months are deleted. Attachments to public posts and private conversations are deleted after 3 months.
Other forums
Discussion of other escorting-related forums is not encouraged on this site. Mention or linking to certain forums is censored.
Minimum age
Members must be minimum of 18 years of age.
Do not upload media that contains minors.
Using anonymizing proxies / VPN services or 'disposable' email services is not allowed.
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